Projects and Services


GHL LogoMy first online venture was a B2C e-commerce site selling Jewish and Kabbalistic jewelry, handmade in Israel. In retrospect, it was probably a bad niche choice, but the project opened up the way to a new and exciting career for me. Today, I no longer deal practically with day-to-day management of the site.


Online Reputation Management

PP LogoI consult and provide services in the field of online reputation management. These services are aimed at high-profile individuals and companies.

In parallel, I work in developing Enterprise Feedback Management systems to handle large organizations’ customer reviews.

In 2013, I set up a new venture called PanPrestige, handling online brand management (OBM) and online reputation management (ORM).

Visit: or (Hebrew version)

Premium SEO

Provides consultation and other services in the SEO field. I specialize in two kinds of SEO:

  • Promoting authority sites by means of a combination of reputation management tools, internet public relations, inbound marketing, and advanced SEO techniques.
  • Promoting sites in highly competitive niche markets and for highly competitive keywords. This kind of promotion is done by acquiring online assets, and building up strong link networks

Practical Crowdsourcing

I consult and mentor new entrepreneurs in developing alternative projects using practical crowdsourcing – that is, using outsourcing and crowdsourcing platforms to find and hire ad-hoc workers per task, and setting up international work teams.

Good use and experience of practical crowdsourcing for common tasks such as design, development, content writing and translation can save time and significantly lower the risks usually associated with developing a project.